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On The Day Of Your Appointment

Rates, Bookings & More


You will text before 09.00 am to confirm you have not forgotten about our appointment. This is your pre-registration.

Do not text 15, 20, 30 minutes before the session saying you have arrived - I will not be ready for you.

I keep to strict timings so if we have a session booked for 2 pm, then I will be ready at 2 pm for you. If you are late, it is your session time you are wasting. I will not add extra time to the session for you and the tribute will remain the same.​


Keep to your time slot and privacy will be upheld.

I have strict rules on arrival and departure times. I do not want you to bump into anyone and they do not want to bump into you. 

No matter how many times you have visited, always remember to keep to your appointment time. I do not appreciate tardiness which may cause embarrassment to others.


After your session has ended you are welcome to use the shower facilities, we can have a little debrief if you felt something could have been better for you, it is important to me that you were happy with your session, hopefully you will want to visit again.

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