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Escorting & Bookings

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Half hour - £ 80
1 Hour - £120
2 Hours - £220
3 Hours -  £350
4 Hours -  £470
Overnight -  £1000

Half Hour - N/A

1Hour - N/A

2 Hours -  £300
3 Hours -  £400
4 Hours -  £500
Overnight -  £1500

If you are not within the Nottinghamshire area and wish me to travel I will add extra for Travel expense's. A deposit is required for all outcalls and new clients need to pay a deposit.

I must stress I do not like time wasters so should you make an appointment and later find you are unable to commit, then I would appreciate a text or call to let me know in good time.


If you are wanting to make a booking with me, then please do call me first, as I do not accept any bookings via text, unless you are a reliable regular Gentleman that visits me.


All donations to be paid in cash on arrival to save any embarassment.

I have monthly tests for all STDS, So I'm guaranteed illegal substance and disease free



Email me from my Contact Me page.

Phone me on 07505 773650.

If you would like to spend some time with me. I look forward to seeing you soon! 

For further information please check out my

Rates, Bookings & More Page.

Thank you for visiting my Escorting Page which I hope you will get the information that you require.

I am in the NG16 Area of Nottingham, along the A610 towards Ikea Nottingham.

The first thing's to know are, on what day and time you are wanting to travel to me, check that my post code is good for your travel.

Give me a call or email me, to see if I am available at the Time and Date that you wish to visit me.

Add any personal requests for a scene to the email or call but keep it brief.

I do not accept ANY bookings via Texted, unless you are a regular visitor to me.

All donations are to be paid in cash on arrival to save any embarrassment.

Cancellation Procedure

I do understand a last-minute cancellation is unavoidable sometimes.

To rearrange a booking; a 48-hour cancellation notice or more is required.

After one cancellation I will require a Deposit to secure your next appointment with me.

A frequent non-attender that wishes to rebook, will forgo the deposit and will need to pay the full donation of your visit

Do Not Let Me Down by a No Show. To me, this is the height of ignorance and will not be tolerated.

Email me from my Contact Page

Phone me on 07505773650

For further information please check my Rates, Bookings & more page

Q. How do I sort payment and can I take you out?

A. Time required for booking & paperwork, cash only to be sorted before, no refund will be given if you decide to leave early than agreed, my time is precious and you will be given the full time you book. You can take me out but please be aware you will be charged the hourly rate.

Q. Do you do 15 minute Quickies?

A. No I'm not a vending machine, please don't ask.

Q. Will you do Hard/Water Sports and anal ?

A. No, I will not participate in these activities

Q. How many times can I cum?

A. As many times as you like, within the time you have booked

Q. Can I take a shower?

A. Yes before and after. There's always fresh towels and gents toiletries available for you.

Q. Do you do outcalls to hotels/private houses?

A. Yes but only in Nottinghamshire.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. No.....Sorry I don't, you pay for my time and company

Q. Do you see Asian or coloured gents?

A. Yes I do as long as you respectful to me and show good manners which is not a lot to ask for.

Q. Can I book in advance or at short notice?

A. I prefer to take advance bookings & you are much more likely to get an appointment to see me if you reserve your time with me with as much notice as possible. So I can combine bookings at same venues or areas

Q. What is the youngest you will see?

A. I will see ages from 35 providing you have read and understood my profile details.

Q. Do you do Hard Sports Pee Poo

A. No I DO NOT so PLEASE stop emailing me, asking this question

Q. Can you pick me up from the Train Staion & Drop me back

A. I no longer offer picking up from the Train Station, you can get the Tram from the station to Phoenix park and I can pick you up from there and it will be an extra fee of £20 to pick up and drop you back

Q. Can I please take photo's or video?

A. I will only offer you taking photos or videos on an hour's booking or more, any content will be left on my hard drive at the end of your booking, also their will be an extra fee of £25.00

Frequently Asked Questions
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