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I offer in-call appointments in the comfort of my own detached home in Newthorpe, Nottingham which has plenty off-street parking. A stand-alone, self-contained, safe space ready and waiting for us to explore each other. You can find me at area NG16, just off the A610 towards Ikea Nottingham.

From Nottingham City Centre by car or Taxi, it is roughly eight miles from Nottingham city centre towards Giltbrook Shopping Park.

From the M1, come off at junction 26. Then head towards Matlock & Ripley, travelling about 2.5miles.

The nearest train stations are Langley Mill NG16 4AS around 3.5 miles or 10 mins by car or taxi, TN25 6DE, or Nottingham Train Station around 8 miles.

Contact etiquette


Sending an email is the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to contact me.

All clients must confirm they are above the age of 21 (I will check ID on occasion) 

In the unlikely event you have an injury during a session, Mistress Evie von Blonde shall not be held responsible. I have entrusted you to be open and honest, this includes your health and your personal boundaries. A client should always be prepared to use a stop or slow down word or an agreed gesture. This is an important factor in any scene. 

07505 773 650 only use if arranged and agreed beforehand

**Ensure that you have some definite dates and times when you are available to session before you ring.

Thanks! Message sent.

My preference for contact is a well-thought-through email.

Check the bookings page for information about what an email should contain – remember that the more information you provide, the easier it is for me to plan my time with you. I check and review bookinjgs daily and usually respond within 48hrs.

I might not be available to take phone calls, I am a busy woman.

I do not return any phone calls, out of respect for your privacy, and I never answer phone calls from withheld numbers. If you wish to discuss any session arrangements over the phone, I will happily arrange a phone conversation with you. But you must send the initial email. Make it apparent in your email that you would like to speak to me via a voice call. I will give you a specific time to call me.

If we are talking on the phone, I expect you to be respectful, polite and to the point. The conversation will be for us to agree on a time and a session date. I will not be having a kinky chat over the phone. I will not talk dirty to you the phone, nor will I listen to your fantasies for hours.


Contact etiquette &  Where To Find Me

Email Me
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